Vagabund Log

St Augustine: Preparation

St Augustine: Preparation

9 Nov 16 – 6 Dec 16

On our way to St Augustine to our boat Vagabund

Looking forward to a new sailing season and meeting up with old friends

19th Nov 16

Vagabund is a sailboat again!!

The mast was placed in position today

Almost ready to go!

 20th Nov 16

Our new bigger headsail is up

23rd Nov 16

Ready to go and not ready to go into the water

A problem with the engins:


Know there is a reason why we have to be patient!

24th Nov 16

St Augustine lights
Tuesday night we went with Brett and Gideon of Panache and Andre and Allison of Rat Catcher to The White Lion for their half price chicken wings. We dine in view of the lights and walked around amongst the lit buildings.

The 3 million brilliant lights were officially lit in St Augustine at 18h30 the 19th November till the 31st January 2017
“The Nights of Lights celebration was chosen in 2011 and 2012 by National Geographic as one of the ten best holiday lighting displays in the world.

Nights of Lights in St. Augustine traces its origins back to the traditional Spanish practice of displaying a white candle in windows during the Christmas holidays. Candles in the window allude to the fact that Mary and Joseph could find no inn that would give them shelter. When the Spanish put candles in their windows, they were symbolically making room in their homes and hearts for Jesus. It also reflects the welcoming attitude of the holiday season, showing that guests are welcome to the home. The stunning lights reflect the city's 450-year history and illuminate the beautiful cityscape for lasting holiday memories. The city of St. Augustine has been celebrating Nights of Lights for 21 years.”


The dazzling lights along the bay front


The main plaza, called the Plaza de la Constitución, have lights draped around every tree.


The Guilded-Age Hotel Ponce de Leon, now the campus of Flagler College, is outlined in lights.


 The Guilded-Age Hotel Ponce de Leon, now the campus of Flagler College, is outlined in lights.


28th Nov 16


We are back in the water!!

Zack managed to start the engins manually

While we are waiting Zack join his partners of Tecroveer on a business trip in the US

For me a few days alone on the boat

30th Nov 16

Tucson, Arizona with Tecroveer

The team


Standing on top of a 75m diam BNR reactor roof is a first for Zack.

1st Dec 16

Feeling thankfull

Hubby is back on the boat