Vagabund Log

BVI: Wedding anniversary

BVI: Wedding anniversary

11th to 15th February 2017

On the 32 year of being one we spoiled ourselves with a few treats.  We spend a few days in Benures Bay in Norman island (our favorite anchorage in the BVI’s). We snorkeled, did a hike to Money Bay on the Atlantic Ocean side, put some hours on dinghy2 and preparing Vagabund for the passage back west to the Bahamas. 


A special sighting of a Turtle


Snorkeling from the boat


An octopus


Backpacking over to Money Bay with our snorkeling gear and a picnic basket.

On valentines day (our wedding anniversary) we moved Vagabund over to and Sopers Hole were we cleared customs, topped up on a few fresh produce and then spoiled ourselves further at Serenity spa and had dinner at Scaramouche, an Italian gourmet restaurant.

Lunch at Pusser's.


In front of the Ice Cream Parlor


I am not to old to sit on Zack’s lap.

This was also our last day in the BVI for 2017. The two months in the BVI flew by and what a two months it was.

As the saying goes:

It is difficult to get to the BVI’s

It is more difficult to leave the BVI’s

But you will never forget your experiences here in the BVI’s.

Wednesday 15th February at first light we are going to set the sails for the Bahamas. Good buy BVI and hallo Bahamas!