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Back to Trinidad

Back to Trinidad

7th February 2014 Friday

The mooring buoy inside Jolly Harbour Marina was dropped of at 6h30. Slowly the land profile of the Island of Antigua faded away in the Northern Horizon. Monserrat was visible in the East and Gaudeloupe gradually raising up in the South to welcome us. On our way we managed to stock up on some fresh fish. 


In contrast with our previous visit to Gaudeloupe a strong breeze welcomed us on the leeward side. By 16h00 Vagabund was tuck in close to land on anchor at Pigoen Cove. That night the wind gusted over 30knots.


8th February 2014 Saturday

The next day we lifted our anchor and sailed further South to Portsmouth in Dominica. Almost a mile from the anchorage Martin came out to welcome us back with a big smile enquiring if there was anything he can help with. He is a member of the PAYS, a great initiative, the name Providence is painted on the side of his boat.


At sunset we saw our first green flash. With a clear horizon when the last part of the suns red reflection disappear into the sea the red reflection turns green for a fraction of a second.


9th February 2014 Sunday.

On Sunday Morning we had an early start at 5h45. The same procedure was followed as usual: Lifting of the anchor, turning Vagabund in a southerly heading, set the sails and enjoy another day on the Caribbean sea. The only big difference this time we decided to skip Martinique and head straight for St Lucia (Rodney Bay). It was a long stretch of 125nm and it meant that we will have to sail into the night.

The sea state were choppy and the islands had a big influence on the consistency of the trade winds. Either converging or diverting the wind. To the North of Martinique the wind gusted up to 42 knots. Most of the day was spend reefing in and out and adjusting the sails.

The fishing lures trawled at the back was almost forgotten about when the big 80W Tiagra real set of the alarm for the first time since we are sailing in the Caribbean. The focus were instantaneously changed from sailing to fishing. 

The striped marlin forced us to take off all of the sails and maneuvered Vagabund back to the North in order to maintain a good fighting angle on the fish. The fish was 30 min later in the wireman's hand next to the boat. The fish was released and we were glad to see it swimming strongly away. The fish was estimated at 80 kg.


After catching the marlin the sun started free dropping towards the Western ocean and our focus changed back to sailing. At 23h00 and after 17 hours of sailing and fishing we were safely anchored in Rodney Bay.

10th February 2014 Monday

Monday morning was a bit more blue than normal as we had to overcome our desire for more sleep when the alarm went of. The dingy was dropped and we managed to meet up with Island Explorer.  Doug and Ursula greeted us with a smile and made time for some catch up before they set there sails.  We were sailing South and they were heading North. We were happy to see each other again. The few minutes spent together will remain as part of our memories.


After clearing out at customs (notification with Sail Clear online) we were ready to leave for the Pitons. Upon arriving at the Pitons the moorings were already full and we had to divert to a mooring just North of the Pitons on the Southern side of Souffiere.

What makes the Pitons special is Gros Piton and Petit Piton standing close to each other raises from the ocean floor in spectacular way almost straight up to dominate the skyline at respectively 705m and 679m heigh above sea level.


On approaching the mooring buoy a self appointed beach rope handler swam out to meet us and assist us in picking up the mooring. He then swam back to the beach with our stern line to tie it around a tree. 


11th February 2014 Tuesday

On Tuesday we sailed further South to our destination Bequia (Rodney Bay). We had an amazing sail using the screecher from St Lucia to Rodney Bay.  Although we had to motor sail in the lee of the islands to sustain a boat speed of above 7 knots for the lures we average 7,8 knots over the 56 nm with the screecher and a single reef in the main. The wind was 15-22 knots just at the back of the beam and the waves about 1,8 m with an interval of 9 seconds.


At the lee of St Vincent dolphins came and entertained us for a while.


12th to 13th February 2014 In Bequia on anchor

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning…

After all the cleaning I spoilt myself to a little pampering. My big toes were dressed with little dolphins and I pasted small stars on my ring finger.


14th February 2014

It was our wedding anniversary. Today we were married for 29 years. In 2010 we renewed our vows.

Dodi li va-ani lo”:

My beloved is mine and I am his



Our marriage is not a contract that can be broken but

a covenant.


Dawn of a new era in 2010:

Sharing a dream of continuous travelling upon Vagabund.

Going upon the waters where adventures lead.

Dawn of a new era in 2014:

Spoiling grandchildren, playing in the sand …..

Sharing wisdom coming with age with our children….


At the end growing old together… loving you!!!!

I want to be at home when I am old…..with you.


Photo of us getting married in 1985.


Midday we explored the island using a taxi. Took beautiful photos from the top of the mountain overlooking the bay.


We drove over to the windward side of the island.


We also went to a turtle sanctuary.  The Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary was founded in 1995.  The hatchlings were attended to in plastic tubs. The hope is to protect the “babies” until old enough to fend for themselves in the wild ocean.These turtles were 4 or so weeks old.


They were kept until 5 years old, when they were returned to the beaches where they hatched. By 2006 over 800 had been returned to sea.


The island has an active whaling station in a low-key and traditional way. By IWC agreement, local whalers can take four whales a year. The whaling season is from February to April. At this time of the year humpback whales leave the northern feeding grounds and head south to mate and bear young. The whalers are in an open sailing boat, using hand-thrown harpoons. On the rare occasion that they make a kill, the hunters tow the whale to Semplers Cay for butchering. At the boat museum the open sailing boat with the harpoons were exhibited.


The evening Zack took me out to dinner at Fig Tree Restaurant.


15th February 2014

The day of our visiting friends we sailed over to St Vincent (Blue lagoon). Although only a short sail the sea between the two islands are renowned for its turbulent sea. We experienced big waves of 3,5 to 4 m with a rip current for about an hour. Blue Lagoon Marina's seaward side is surrounded by Corel reefs with only two narrow entries. The charts indicate these access points wrong and it is necessary to call the club to send out a dingy to escort your boat through the narrow entrances. Relieved we picked up a mooring inside Blue Lagoon Marina with the help of Mike.

Izak, Heleen and Kyra missed the connection flight from Grenada to St Vincent.

16th February 2014

The next day we went by bus to the local supermarket to stock up on some groceries.


Izak, Heleen and Kyra only arrived late on Sunday afternoon via Barbados. Traveling for more than 50 hours to visit us! We are so great full. That evening we enjoyed a supper at the club on the deck overlooking the bay.

Sunday 16th February to Monday 24th February is published under

Izak, Heleen and Kyra's visit.


............ have a look under Izak, Heleen and Kyra's visit


25th February 2014: A Few Days Later

We had a lazy day on Princess Magaret Beach (Bequia).  Suntanning and playing in the lukewarm water. The afternoon we went to customs to clear out.


The evening our Brazilian friends Luiz, Mariaane and Rodrigo joined us for dinner on Vagabund. It was with a tear in the eye that we said goodbye for this season...


26th February 2014

After a full days work from 6am to 6 pm we managed to sail from Bequia to Grenada. We had to sail to Grenada  to pick up our next guests. It was an enjoyable sail with the screecher and main generating additional apparent windspeed in a following sea. So much easier in a following sea.

We were blessed with double bill fish adventure catching a White Marlin as well as a Sailfish.

Zack caught a White Marlin and after inspecting it up close to confirm its White Marlin status, released it again. .

Our favorite purple lure responsible for more than 80% of our fishing was destroyed in the process.


The adventure was rounded off after I had managed to caught a Sailfish. The fish was still aggressive next to the boat and our wireman had to play it carefully. Unfortunately the fish fractured its bill and we had to kill it. After peeling of the skin we discovered foreign growth all over the body with tentacles intruding the muscle mass. The carcass was dropped back into the sea.


27th February to 2nd March 2014

Keeping ourselves busy with chores. Stock up Vagabund for the next group of visitors. Looking forward to see Piet and Jenni.

2nd March to 10th March 2014 will be published under Piet and Jenni’s visit. Watch this space……