Vagabund Log

Bahamas 2017: Dawid & Cindy's visit

Bahamas Exumas: Dawid and Cindy’s visit on Vagabund

11th March to 16th March 2017

Dawid and Cindy (Zack and Dawid were primary school friends) arrived late on Saturday the 11th in George Town after traveling for more than 3 days from OR Tambo. They made a scheduled stop over in New York and an unscheduled stop over in Miami due to a late departure from New York caused by icing up on the aircraft wings.

The excuse was used to over come jet lag by staying awake as long as possible as we were catching up with all the latest news back from home.


Vagabund was anchored at South beach at Stocking Island and use our dinghy as our only way of transport.


Sunday morning we walked the trail over to the windward side of Stocking Island


The sand was soft under our feet with the sea all the different shades of turquois.


From the top of the hill we have a lookout over Exuma Sound.


Back on the beach the water was calling for a swim.


After all the exercise we were all very hungry and visited Chat and Chill beach


Conch salad as a traditional dish in Bahamas was what we suggest we eat for lunch with local Kalik beer.


Sunday afternoon was spending with three other South African boats what we do best. A braai on Flip Flop Beach with our SA friends from Rat Catcher, Panache and Joda.


Talking heads later in the afternoon


Boat sandals: A present for each lady made with love on Vagabund.

Cindy: Favourite colour is black & red

Dani: Sandals with the boat name JODA

Alison: Sandals with the Bahama flag to remember one of her favorite places.

We sailed from Exuma, Stocking Island to Glass Cut early Monday morning. A trip of about 20nm.


Dawid was getting the stand up board ready for use.


Checking the anchor in the sand of White Bay Cay


Cindy was overseeing the anchor inspection from the bow.


At the NE point of Sugar Cay we explored a few caves.


There were several caves


Cindy checking out the cave for possible pirate treasures.


At the Eastern side of Sugar Cay we snorkeled two blue holes.


Dawid diving down the side of one of the blue holes.


There were two blue holes and we explored both


Underneath the edge was a school of different species of fishes


Several “bommies” with fish life.


Cindy enjoying to explore the underwater reefs.


We explored the different Cays with the dinghy.


The swimming pigs of White Bay Cay: As soon as the pigs heard the outboard they came out of the bushes to greet us and see what food we can offer them. Some of the pigs were more eager than the others and swam out towards the dinghy.


The black boars ate the cabbage


Carrots were offered to them


A 5 liter of water was gulped in no time


On the way back to Vagabund a ray was swimming in the shallow water


That evening lobster was on the menu.


With the weather window closing up we used the ebb tide with the wind to exit the shallow cut at Glass Cay and sailed back to Georgetown.


We anchored at Goat Cay North inside Elizabeth Harbour.

Dawid mastering the stand up board and Cindy joined him for a free ride.


Wednesday the 15th we ate lunch at Driftwood café. A local musician Samual Smith entertained us with his guitar.


After walking through the local shops we enjoyed a beer at a local street bar.


With the wind clocking we re-anchored for the last night at Goat Cay South from where we could dinghy to a doc for the taxi pickup to the airport the next day.


The beach in front of Vagabund


Enjoying our last sundowners on the bow.


Balsound Taxi #23 took them to the airport. Dawid and Cindy a special thanks for visiting us in the Bahama’s and shared our lifestyle.