Vagabund Log

Bahamas: Nassau


18th April to 24th April 2015

19th April 2015

What a privileged to worship today in the BFMI church of the late Dr Myles Munroe.

To be part of a service with dancing and singing to His glory.


After the service we met Myles Munroe Jr and Charisa Munroe. They just returned from a visit to South Africa.


Dr Myles Munroe teachings on Kingdom Principles and his strong emphasis on succession planning as a leadership requirement is inspirational for both me and Zack.


20th April to 23rd April: Atlantis

We did not want to change the discrepancy of the water clearance under the Eastern Bridge and decided to play it safe and enjoy the scenery by sailing around the Northern shoreline of Paradise Island in order to enter Atlantis Marina.


This is another money spinning masterpiece of the Sol Kerzner the 79 year hotel magnate. It is a serious upgrade on scale to the Sun City complex.

Vagabund stood out between the super yachts as the biggest and fastest wind propelled boat. May be because it was the only sailing vessel?


My brother Izak, his wife Heleen and Kyra arrived in the early morning hours on Tuesday to join us for ten days on Vagabund. We appreciate their effort to overcome all the travel obstructions to visit us every year. It took us an additional hour to overcome our urge to catch up before we released them to go and sleep. A few hours later Heleen and Kyra where in the pool experience a deep water swim with Bottlenose Dolphins.

They were able to touch, hug and kiss these amazing animals.

We were so impressed with the show that Zack and myself jumped into a 2pm opening to experience it as well.  It was an unforgettable experience. We had an opportunity to snorkel with them and hand-feed them.


The best was when one of the dolphins (Katrina) propels you across the lagoon by pushing you on your foot. It was evident the dolphins enjoyed there human encounters. They were well looked after but still would have loved to rather see them in the ocean.


The next day we were all becoming kids again. Playing and trying all the different rides.


 Awesome to meet up with Alleycat , Shilo and Island Khya. Enjoying a dinner together