Vagabund Log

Back in Trinidad 2015

Trinidad 2015 (back)

12th January 2015 – 28th January 2015

 A week of hard work is finished on Vagabund. Every day closer to putting her back in the water

Our new bench. I still have to make slipcovers and scatter cushions


Our new D400 wind-generator .No more struggling with not enough electricity.

 The 2 cracked windows was replaced

The antifouling was done as well with waxing and polishing.


The canvass was washed. Now the puzzle to get every piece back where it belongs.

Vagabund was taken  back to  the water where she belongs.Navigating between the boats.


Can see that it was not the first time he was doing this.


On the fuel dock. We fill Vagubund’s stomach full of water. One tank for drinking water and the other for every day use. The water maker will in future be used for extra water.


Next was customs.


Lying ahead was a new season of sailing. We were looking forward to see old friends again and to explore new destinations.