Vagabund Log

Izak, Heleen & Kyra's visit

Izak, Heleen & Kyra’s visit on Vagabund

16th February to 25th February 2014

Izak, Heleen and Kyra were picked up at Blue Lagoon Marina on the island of St Vincent.


Izak, Heleen and Kyra missed the connection flight from Grenada to St Vincent on the 15th February. They only arrived Sunday 16th February late in the afternoon. We were appreciative of our family traveling more than 50 hours to visit us. After dropping of there bags on Vagabund we enjoyed a dinner and a cold one on the Beach deck overlooking the bay.


17th February Monday: Tobaco Cays

Sailing downwind to the Cays we could share and enjoy together for the first time our statement that we as business partners have build up over the years. The asymmetrical G2 spinnaker stood proud above us.

The island of Mustique appeared much early and as the sail were set and the wind angle favorable we changed our plans and head further downwind to the Tobaco Cays. The anchor was dropped in the narrow channel between Petit Rameau and Petit Bateau. Rays were swimming underneath Vagabund.


After a short swim to the beach Kyra enjoyed the fine sand and luke warm water of the Caribbean.


18th February Tuesday: Tobaco Cays National Reserve

The next day we moved Vagabund a short distance to a mooring buoy close to the island of Baradel. A buoyed of area indicated the no boating sone where turtles and people could swim together. Kyra was like a dolphin in the water. Diving down to them. Exploring her limits.


The water clarity in Tobaco Cays is displaying different colours of turquis.


On Baradel island we walked up the hill and saw the Iguanas.Beautiful animals that looked like dinosaurs.

On top of the hill we had a spectacular view over the outer reef of the Tobaco Cays.


The afternoon we snorkeled on the reef.


Underneath Vagabund we saw a Flying Gunard and


soon afterwards a Honeycomb Ray swam past underneath us.


19th February 2014 Wednesday: Petit St Vincent

A quick stop over was done at Union Island to visit customs in order to put Izak, Heleen and Kyra on Vagabund's crewlist and to obtained their cruising permit.


That evening we anchored in front of Petit St Vincent. We enjoyed a gourmet dinner with our feet in the sand. R4000 later put a dent in our pockets.


20th February 2014 Thursday: Mayreau: Salt Whistle Bay

On our way to Mayreau we stopped at the small deserted island Mopion famous for its odd weddings. The island is basically a sand patch in the ocean bearably above the high water mark and surrounded by coral reefs.


At Salt Whistle Bay (Mayreau) we dropped our anchor almost on the beach and let the prevailing trade winds blew us off into position. The beach is of gorgeous pure white sand, swaying coconut palmtrees, and warm turquoise waters.


The whole day was spend swimming, playing, tanning….


21st February 2014 Friday: Mustique

It was nearly a five hour sail to Mustique. Zack tried all the different lures and steered Vagabund twice over the drop off in pursued of a possible bill fish but without any success today.

On our arrival in Mistique a mooring buoy was picked up on the North side of Britannia Bay.

The town was visited to stock up on some groceries. A tortoise greeted us welcome on the grass in front of the grocery store.


22nd February 2014 Saturday: Mustique

That same afternoon we managed to go on a tour of the island. This lush tropical island in the Caribbean features villas such as that of 
Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall, David Bowie, Brian Adams, Tommy Hilfiger, Paul Newman and Raquel Welch and many others. Their luxurious private hideaway villa´s are the diamonds on this exquisite Caribbean island.

Life lobster were bought to be prepared for dinner. Kyra helped by handling them with gloves.

That night we enjoyed a lobster barbeque.


23rd February 2014 Sunday: Bequia

On Sunday morning we enjoyed snorkeling from Vagabund as the previous nights left overs created a fishing attraction under Vagabund.


Midday we left for Bequia. We anchored in front of Princess Margaret Beach on the Island of Bequia.

24th February 2014 Monday: Bequia

After a slow lazy start in the morning we revived ourselves by snorkeled at Devil’s Table.


Later on we went to customs to clear Izak, Heleen and Kyra from Vagabund's crewlist.

The rest of the afternoon was spend on the beach. 

Mac’s Pizza provided our dinner. While waiting for our food Kyra still had to do some catch up on school work as the daylight just hold to many other distractions.A last opportunity to enjoy each others company before saying goodbye again.


We will especially miss Kyra's excitement and energy on Vagabund. A special thank you for the effort of Izak and Heleen for traveling all this way to visit us. It is much appreciated. Love you all.