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Testimony: Brazilian Scar

Testimony: Brazilian scar

29th May 2013

We arrive Tuesday night in Bracuhy Brazil. On Wednesday afternoon 29th May 2013 we where cycling to the local shops outside the marina. As we where crossing a narrow river bridge a truck came over my traveling path causing me to swerve into the pavement to avoid it from running me over. Flashes went through my head “Am I going to be able to avoid to be crushed under the wheels of the truck.” Although anticipated the sudden moment of impact still came as a surprise. As I hit the curb the bicycle handle lacerated my upper lip in two and cut deep into my upper gum. At point of no more forward movement I realized I was still alive. Blood was streaming from my face but the impact numbed my senses and I initially thought the blood came from my nose. As I touched my face I felt my lip was split in half almost up to my nose. I then realize that this was not just a normal fell of a bicycle I was more seriously injured.

As I picked up my bicycle and pushed it of the bridge to safety another fear came to me: I am in a foreign country, we do not speak their language and neither do they understand mine. I am injured and how am I going to get proper medical assistance!

Within seconds Zack were at my side, the Police were literally less than two minutes later on the scene. They managed to load our bicycles into the trunk of their Police vehicle and transported us to the closest medical clinic in Bracuhy. The sister assessed my injury and instructed the police to take us to the public hospital in Frade. The Police vehicle acts as an ambulance. Zack and me on the back seat and the two Policemen “racing driver and co-pilot” with the siren and lights opening the road as we speed towards the hospital. At Frade hospital they took me immediately into a separate treatment room where a doctor waited. The doctor assessed the wound, applied pressure with a new gauze to stop the blood, injected me for pain and inform us that because the laceration was severe and in the face a specialist will be required to do the stitching. After a few phone calls a short while later it was confirmed that an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon was on duty in Angra dos Reis some 35 km away.  An ambulance was ordered to transport us to the hospital. Minutes later our friends Teresa and Assis arrived and insisted to take us through to Angra. 

The Specialist Doctor cleaned the wound, inspected the teeth, inserted about 30 stitches (inside, outside and in the gum), and gave a prescription for medicine. The bruised knee was X-rayed, inspected by another doctor and declared ok. I was released from the hospital and the stitches are to be removed in 7 days. 

My Brazilian scar could so easy have been a scar making a dent or might even have ended my life here on earth, but instead it warmed my hart with thankfulness as my fears for the unknown world of Brazil disappeared:

  • The Police was on the seen within minutes
  • The Police vehicle became an ambulance and we were transported within the wink of an eye with lights and siren opening a pathway on the busy road to the hospital
  • Our local friends reacted immediately after Zack’s phone call leaving whatever they where doing and meeting us in Frade in the hospital ready to take us to the hospital in Angra Dos Reis where an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon just came on duty and where waiting for us. Although the facilities were primitive the doctor was an expert of the highest standard. He spends more than an hour carefully stitching me together again. My dear friend Theresa had to translate and overcome all the blood and drama to keep me informed of what was happening. Assis her husbands always willing to help where ever he can.
  • And monitory wise what did it all cost? Nothing!

I thank God for not only having angels protecting me from not going underneath the truck but sending angels in human form all around us. Bless God almighty and those that were willing to be instruments in His hands.

My testimony: I could have lost my life and yet God turned it to good. My Brazilian scar will always in the future remind me that I have been given another change. One never knows when your last day is going to be. Live every day because it could be your last. Every day is a blessing from God.
 Enjoy it. Make the most of everyday. And remember, GOD loves you.

In Him, and through Him, I live, I breathe, and have my being and only in Him do I find rest, peace and true happiness.