Vagabund Log

Passage from BVI to Bahamas

15th Febr to 20th Febr 17

Passage from BVI to Bahamas

Feeling thankful to arrive in the bight of Acklins in the Bahamas Monday morning after five days 640 nm of motor sailing in settled weather from the BVI. Most of the crossing we motor sailed in settled weather enjoying the ocean, topping up the freezer with fresh fish and enjoying the sunsets with sundowners on the deck. 

A bucket list experience was possible by visiting the Hogsty Reef Atoll, dropping our anchor and exploring this extra ordinary natural wonder.


The settled weather gave us the opportunity to fish the pinnacles and drop-offs leaving us with tell tails of big ones that got away……


Southern tip of Long Cay. The hook was dropped  on the bight side of  Long Cay an hour before the Northerly’s  started to set in


With only 400mm water under the keel of the boat (1,5m water depth) a friendly dolphin came to welcome us in the Bahamas.