Vagabund Log

BVI: Norman Island

BVI: Norman Island

21st to 26th Dec 2016

 BVI Map


The largest British islands are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost van Dyke and Anegada, the latter being slightly set apart, while the former are grouped together around the Sir Francis Drake channel.

There are 60 islands and cays to explore in the BVI Chain. Like a beautifully weathered sea glass necklace, each has its own hue.

Norman Island


Norman Island is an island located at the southern tip of the British Virgin Islands. The history of this sprawling 610-acre island, is steeped in fantastic tales of pirates and buried treasure, as told by Robert Louis Stevenson in his famous children's classic, Treasure Island.”


On our way to Norman we stock up in Road Town. On the pier in the Harbor we saw a boat that seriously cater for visiting friends….. From Road Town Harbour we had a short 6nm sail to Norman Island. Norman is the southern perimeter of Sir Francis Drake Channel.


 A Tidbit of History ... more treasure found in the Caves!

Fast forward from 1750 and the story of Treasure Island, to 1910 ... Legend has it that Henry Crequ , a hard working fisherman from Anegada found more than a few doubloons in one of the caves when he was forced to seek refuge from a storm and took his little fishing boat into one of the caves. The little boat was repeatedly bashed up against the wall of the cave by the waves, dislodging several rocks from the cave wall. The rocks fell into his boat, along with several doubloons. The truth is mired in history as no official records of his find exist. If Mr. Creque's story is true, and it seems it probably is, the doubloons were very likely a part of the haul pilfered from the Spanish galleon, "Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe".


Early morning we Kayaked around the Northern tip from the bight to Privateer Bay and snorkeled the caves.

Entering one of the caves.

A school of local Glassy Sweepers. Sweepers are nocturnal and seek shelter under ledges or in caves.


Enjoying the interesting rock formations and colors


Exploring the caves! Perhaps some treasure……..

Deadman's Chest found in one of the caves, but the treasure was long gone. Left a small bottle of KWV brandy of South Africa in the chest.


Steep cliffs overhanging the entrance to the caves at Treasure Point.


An abundance of small colorful fish.


The Indians, a formation of protruding rocks surrounded by reefs..


A National Park mooring was picked up between two pinnacles. Even from the surface the underwater ferns could be seen.


Benures Bay is a secluded magical bay without any mooring buoys (no chartering boats). There's no beach in the bay just a rocky shoreline with the mountains a lush green vegetation.


The water was clear. On one of the snorkels from Vagabund we managed to see five turtles. On each snorkel we discovered something new, there was and abundance of sea life with lots of different fish in a coral garden.


Enjoying freshly caught fish for Brunch. Zack still licking his wounds after a couple of big tarpon destroyed his light tackle last night.


The boat next to us snorkeling with their dog.


There's a great hiking trail that starts at the southeast end of Benuares Bay that leads to a look out over Money Bay. Apparently the trail can be followed right down to the bay.


On the hike we were surrounded with lush green vegetation and lots of bright orange butterflies. The earthy humid smell and steady walk surface was enjoyed after being for some time on the water.


The Island is full of pirate history and mysteries. The local commercial businesses latched onto this opportunity. Old Christmas afternoon we enjoyed lunch at the Pirates Beach Bar and Restaurant at the head of the Bight. Peak season at peak time and the service and food was still good. We enjoyed escaping shortly afterwards to the more secluded Benures Bay were we rounded up all the yachties in the bay to come and spend Christmas Eve on Vagabund. Each boat’s crew brought some interesting snacks and drinks. Exchanging “from where and where too’s” resulting in sharing good anchor spots, recipes and contact details.


On Christmas each one was on his own boat. Christmas lunch was special and private on Vagabund.