Vagabund Log



I believe my purpose in life is serving God. To live a life with a light from the inside, with God as the anchor of my life, my Stronghold, Fortress and my Deliverer.  To love My First Love Jesus Christ. I am trusting God for guidance and abide in Him.

My purpose second is to support and love my husband and then our kids. For so many years I was working part time and was always there for my family.  I was part of the growing years of our children. Watching every netball, hockey and foot ball game. After they left home I started full time with the laboratory West Bio-Chemical Services  and after hard work of five year it was the first accredited laboratory in North West. The lab performs chemical analysis on wastewater and water samples.  Long hours every day with so little time for Bible study and special time with Zack.  My dream and purpose was fading away. From April 2010

I was walking a path of faith with so many choices. I was taught so many things. God often takes us out of our comfort zone, to stretch us and improve our abilities.

I sold the laboratory and my shares in Tecroveer and was released as director of both companies to follow our dream of sailing. I wanted to discover new places, meet new people, learn about new cultures, enjoy the wind, the sea and to enjoy our trusted yacht Vagabund with my husband Zack.

I fully trust that God’s plan for our lives will be accomplished in us and through us (Lev 25:4-17).