Vagabund Log

BVI: Cooper and Salt Island

BVI: Salt and Cooper Island.

30th Dec 16 to 1st Jan 2017


Map of Salt and Cooper Island

Salt Island:

That makes Salt Island alluring is the wreck of the Royal Mail Ship Rhone. She sank in a terrifying hurricane in 1867. She was forced onto the rocks at Salt island where she heeled over, broke in two, sank instantly taking most of her company with her. She rests in 30 to 80 feet of water.”

 Zack dived down the RMS Rhone wreck whilst snorkeling to the stern part that is in the shallower water.


Swimming back to the daytime mooring ball that Vagabund was tie up we saw the circling of a school fish.

Cooper Island

Cooper Island is a small island of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. There are five privately owned properties on the island, plus a small beach club resort. Cooper Island Beach Club has 12 hotel rooms, a restaurant, rum bar, coffee shop, solar powered brewery, and gift shop. Facilities are open to guests, day visitors and yachts using the nearby moorings. Manchioneel Bay features 30 mooring balls that accommodate vessels up to 60 feet.”


 We anchored north of the mooring field in Manchioneel Bay to Cistern point on Cooper Island.


Sunset over the mooring balls in Manchioneel Bay


The sun setting over Salt Island from Vagabund


Snorkeling the reef at Cistern Point


The sandy beach of Manchioneel Bay fringed with palm trees


The steps leading to the rum bar, coffee shop, solar powered brewery, and gift shop


The Beach Club Resort Restaurant that sits behind a quint sandy beach. The restaurant is certainly one of the best in the BVI. The word Perfection comes to mind. We had an awesome New Years Eve with gourmet food.


We kayak over to Haulover Bay. 


Walk over to the windward side where the shoreline was covered with rubbish from past storms and hurricanes. We even saw a fridge that was washed up ashore.


31st Dec 16

Little Memories Last For Years! Thanks for being part of our memories. It's the Little Things in Life that Bring the Greatest Happiness! May 2017 be Filled with Joy, laugher and All the Little Things that Make You Smile! A prosperous 2017

Zack and Magda on Vagabund in BVI