Vagabund Log

Rules of the boat

Rules of the boat practical and social

 Sailing guests

They are written with the novice in mind and considering that the voyage will most likely not be a day sail. These boat rules cover the practical and social rules of the boat.

The motto of the boat is. “The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask”. So curious minds are very welcome.

The skipper is responsible for the safety of the boat and all persons on board. Sadly, a nautical vessel is not a democracy; the skippers decisions regarding the boat may be discussable but not negotiable. The skipper will make decisions, keeping safety as a highest priority. This may mean changing plans to routes, altering crew arrangements, allocating maintenance and safety tasks, commencing safety drills and many other decisions that involve not only the safely of the boat but social harmony as well.

Men, when underway, please sit down to use the head.

Ladies, sanitary items must not be flushed in the head.

Too much toilet paper can block the head. If you block the head, you will be given the plunger and tools to unblock it

Many people get seasick. It usually only lasts a day or two. Alcohol the night before we sail will guarantee a very unpleasant first few days. Please use the bucket and not the toilet if you get seasick. Not pleasant to clean the toilet if you fee unwell.

Night watches, it is customary that as your watch is nearing its end, that you boil the jug and have a fresh cup of coffee/tea ready for the new watch crew. During a night watch try to keep chatter and noise to a minimum to allow those sleeping to enjoy their rest.

Man Over board procedure in brief. Shout man overboard as loud as possible to alert all crew. Throw the life bouy. Hit the MOB button the gps, have someone point continuously at the MOB. At night or dusk, if possible, throw a water proof torch towards the mob also. Make sure it is turned on as you throw it. Return the boat to the mob and recover. If you are the MOB, swim to the life buoy, collect the torch which should be floating nearby. Shine the torch towards the boat, but not at the helmsman (you will blind him/her). Stay put, once you have the life buoy you won’t sink. Don’t waste valuable energy trying to swim to the boat. We will come to you. Keep in the foetal position if possible- to conserve heat. Ask us to provide additional drills if you are unsure of any of this.

Men Peeing overboard. The only time this is allowed is during the day in fair weather and only when another person is in the cockpit. Else it’s down to the head please boys. There have been a lot of drowned men found with their flies open. Oh and for your own sake, never pee into the wind 

One hand for you and one for the boat. This is an old saying. But it’s still very valuable. Basically, make sure you have a good hand hold at all times as you move about the boat.

Injuries-medical emergencies. Report all injuries to the skipper. And make sure they are logged with times, what happened, nature of problem, pain management, symptoms etc in case we need the information for further medical assistance.

Please make sure all medical conditions and allergies is reported before the trip. If you are carrying special remedy (injections, asma pumps ect) please inform others of the where a boats and recommended applications.

Meals before we sail. As mentioned seasickness can occur, reducing your hunger. We try to have lots of carb’s the day and night before a long trip to provide sustained energy.

Personal space. Each berth becomes someones temporary home. Please respect their home and their space and ask before using that space for any reason. Personal stuff must be kept in the cabins to prevent the saloon to be overcrowded by stuff.

There are many dangers on board, from being hit by the boom to sunburn to falling down a hatch to kicking your toes on deck fittings. You will be briefed on these dangers. But always keep an eye on others as they move about the boat and alert them of any possible danger you see 

Harnesses. These must be worn at all times at night and in bad weather. You must clip on prior to going forward on the deck during all night and bad weather legs.

Life jackets. The skipper may decide that life jackets must be worn for whatever reason. 

Other safety equipment. They are many forms of safety equipment on board the boat. We will brief you on the location and how to use each item. If at any time you need to revise your knowledge please ask us. Remember The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. And we would much prefer someone to say ‘ I don’t understand’ rather than not be able to use the equipment during an emergency.

Make a mess, clean it up. I guess we don’t have to explain this one too much. But junk becomes a hazard at sea. Make sure you put things away after you have used them. This includes personal items, cups and general boat equipment.

When you are the helmsman, it’s ok to ask another crewman to get you a drink or something from the galley. It’s ok to ask someone to take over for a while, while you go to the bathroom also. Everyone understands that the position of helmsman requires concentration and you will concentrate better with a nice cool drink, a snack or an empty bladder. The main thing is to never leave the helm unmanned.

Waste. No plastics ever go overboard. Food scraps are usually ok if they are something the fish will enjoy. Mid ocean, metal cans and biodegradables like cardboard/paper can go overboard. But never near a coast and never around wildlife could that mistake the waste as food.

Smoking is not allowed on the yacht at any time due to the risk of fire.

Overview. We are a team of new friends on the adventure of a lifetime You’re an important part of our lives and our team. We all pull our weight and share the same tasks and duties with the goal of a safe, harmonious and enjoyable experience.