Vagabund Log



The two of us have completed our training from day skipper to Yacht Master Ocean. We have been sailing Vagabund along the coast lines of South Africa for the past two years. We competed in the Inhaca to Richards Bay sailing race, where we achieved second place in the catamaran division. However, we were disqualified because Zack hooked a marlin and we had to use the engine and gears to bring it in. Vagabund was moored in Richards Bay in 2011 where we spent many hours in the fishing grounds. We caught 5 species of marlin in 2011. 

In 2012 we sailed Vagabund to Cape Town. She was moored in Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC) for several months while we were preparing her. We installed solar panels, a dive compressor, G2 Genoa, safety features like a retractable steel security gate (a “Trellidor”), infrared cameras and we bought golf equipment, folding bicycles etc. Vagabund was dry docked in October for an extension and belly massage before final sea trials will be done.

Courses we have both completed are: first aid, survival at sea and fire fighting. I (Magda) also completed a "Ship Captain’s Medical Certificate" which entailed a week course and a Friday night working at the emergency unit in a busy hospital in Cape Town.

A last week home. Planning of what to take with. Baking different rusks to find the best recipe for on board baking. Planning on communication….Last preparation for leaving our home and businesses in capable hands. To hand over. The weekend special time with friends and family. Goodbyes…. Wednesday 31 October we are booked to fly to Cape Town. Final buying of food, groceries and to clear customs.

Planning to sail to St Helena as the first leg. Second leg to Brazil (Rio) where Michael and Cathri are planning to join us for two weeks over Christmas.

Trusting God for guidance and to abide in Him. To live a life with a light that is shining from the inside, with God as the anchor of our life’s, our Stronghold, Fortress and Deliverer.