Vagabund Log



9th June Sunday to 13th June Thursday

Buzios:  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"History of Buzios: Armação dos Búzios (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˌahmaˈsɐ̃w duʒ ˈbuːzjui̯ʃ]), often referred to as just Búzios, is a resort town and a municipality located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Originally settled by European pirates and slave traders, this happy mixture of many bloods prospered and became a picturesque fishing village. In 2012, its population consisted of 23,463 inhabitants and its area of 69 km². 

In the early 1900s Búzios was popular with the Carioca’s high society, who wanted to escape from the chaotic city life of Rio de Janeiro and enjoy the many beaches that the peninsula offers. But it wasn’t until 1964, when the famous French Actress Brigitte Bardot visited Búzios that it grew to be a popular tourist destination. 

Brigitte Bardot was a famous French Actress in the 1960s that decided to go to Rio with her Brazilian boyfriend, Bob Zagury. However due to the intense amount of paparazzi following them, Bob took his girlfriend to Búzios in order to enjoy the rest of their trip in a quieter and more exclusive site. At the time, the small town had no electricity and life there was quite bucolic yet it was the simplicity of the place, in conjunction with the peninsula’s natural beauty, that made Brigitte Bardot fall in love and declare her admiration for the small fishing village. Inevitably, Búzios became a global spotlight and although other famous stars like Mick Jagger and Madonna followed her path, but none left such an impression as Bardot did. The place where she stayed in Búzios for the first time is now a small hotel, known as Pousada do Sol. The strip of land that connects Praia da Armação with the most famous street in town, Rua das Pedras, was named after her, Orla Bardot. 


The French Actress was also honored along the oceanfront path through the bronze statue of herself made by Christina Motta. 


The final tribute to the French Actress is the only cinema in the balneary named after her: Gran Cine Bardot. Inside, there are many pictures of famous actors and actresses, including Brigitte’s picture and signature, which hangs on a distinctive wall."


The same artist Christina Motto made a statue of three fishermen to honor the fishermen of Buzios. 


On Sunday 9th June we made use our Sat Phone expiring minutes to phone all our loved ones. It was a blessing to hear the kids voices again.

We strolled down the beautiful scenery of “Rua das Pedras” (translated "Stone Street”). The cobblestone pathway boarders the water edge and is decorated with colorful small shops, bars, night clubs, restaurants, Mercado Peixe (fish market) with the occasional statue.  The seaward side of the road is equipped with a boardwalk.  Most of the places only opening after 5pm.


We discovered a nice restaurant overlooking the bay of Armação. Zack thinks that if he should have a restaurant it is what it should be: Jazz music playing in a restaurant full of character, good food and overlooking the sea. 


Sitting on the pier we have been able to talk to the McCarty's, and Cronje's and was disappointed as the five hour difference caught up with us as it was getting late in SA and we could not get any of our other friends to answer there phones.  We were disappointed that as we had some more minutes left on our sat phone.


The rest of the afternoon we strolled back shopping, eating, shopping and shopping.  We enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the club before boarding Vagabund for the night.


Clube Armação de Buzios is ideally placed. Just outside the gates of Rua das Pedras. Walking distance to everything.


The Wi-Fi at the club was excellent and we enjoyed sitting at the veranda updating email and weather. At the corner just outside the gates are colorful shops to attract you to enter.


Monday 10th June

The morning was spending on the Internet and updating our web page. The afternoon we spend in the shops. I drag Zack along to spend my birthday money. Women are usually dressed in flat sandals due to the difficulty to walk on the cobblestone streets.  Havaianas is the standard foot wear hear in Buzios and the prices for a pear of “plakkies” vary from R13$ to about R600$ (R60 to R3000) with only small variations making up a huge price difference.


In the center of town are some of the branded stores: Animale, Richards, Osklen, Oh Boy!, Maria Filó, Lacoste, Farm, Eclectic and Havainas to name a few. For Beachwear, the best stores are: Salinas, Lenny Niemeyer, Banco de Areia, Bum Bum and Água de Coco.

At the end of the day my money was well spend and Zack tired of shopping as it was hard work carrying all the bags. 


Tuesday 11th June

On Tuesday we decided to go on a open bus tour to explore the peninsula. Teresa was our guide that could speak English and told us all interesting tales about each visiting point. 


Buzios:  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Originally settled by European pirates and slave traders, this happy mixture of many bloods prospered and became a picturesque fishing village. With more than 26 beaches that have a diversity of beauty never seen before, this small peninsula resembles a small island. 


Today, the peninsula is a travelling site that offers calmness, direct contact with nature and breathtaking views. Búzios is a popular getaway from the city and a worldwide tourist site, especially among Brazilians and Argentinians.


The west coast beaches offer calm, clear waters while the east coast ones, facing the open sea, are wilder and draw surfers and water sports enthusiasts. Azeda, Ferradura, João Fernandes, Armação, and Geribá, popular for surfing are amongst the most popular beaches in town. "

The tropical bush was replaced by bush and Savanna grass. The rainfall is much less than in Ilha Grande. 


Tattooing is very popular in Brazil. Every second person has a tattoo on his or her body. While we were enjoying the view Teresa was in the meantime quickly been painted again. Her skin will absorb this special ink. 


At Ponta da Langoinha the rock formations was interesting with facing the open sea. A lifeguard was always on duty to rescue people or fishermen that falls into the open sea. 


That evening we want to experience Rua das Pedras, Buzios' main street, active nightlife and a great variety of shopping and restaurants were open. It is now their off season in Búzios becomes for us a paradise to be able to choose without waiting at any shop or restaurant. To experience the nightlife in Búzios is a must, and the most famous clubs/bars are: Privilège, Pacha, Anexo and Zapata.

We decided on a small restaurant next to the water edge. What was special is that you could choose your fresh fish that they grilled on an open fire. With a white Chilly wine it could not be better.


Wednesday 12th June 2013

You can go by bus to Cabo Frio for only R$4 per person. It is about an hours travel. Brazil public transportation is excellent. With our boats papers, food and water we catch the bus two blocks from the club. Two hours later Zack was most relieved that he had an Entrada and a Saida for Vitoria. Paperwork was in place.

We walked over the bridge and enjoyed our picnic on a bench overlooking the river.  Some well-presented local woman spontaneously approached us she must have been impressed with our bench picnic. She was excited and having a huge conversation with us. Our smiles only fired her further up. I didn’t have the heart to interrupt her (neither will she have allowed me to). We enjoyed the moment of her being spontaneous knowing that she is going to feel like a fool once she found out we do not understand a word she was saying. Nevertheless regardless of the outcome we nodded our heads and keep on smiling. The end was sudden and her departure quick after we could not reply on her fourth question explaining that we do not speak Portuguese. This moment and not the Capitanee over the radio was my biggest language wish that I could understand and speak the language better. 


By updating our weather again we could leave Buzios for our next leg towards Vitoria. There is a sufficient long weather window, without northeastern winds, for us to reach Vitoria if we leave at 12h00 on Thursday. The winds are turning again on Sunday.