Vagabund Log

Turks & Caicos

Passage to Turk & Caicos and Turk & Caicos

24th February to 4th March 2015

Tuesday 24th February 2015

7h30 we set sail to our next destination: Turk & Caicos. Our Captain putting out the reels to have an early start upon fishing.


A Marlin strike and show us tail walking before disappearing into the blue ocean. It was two and a half days of downwind sailing. With calm seas and light wind. Our Captain land a nice Dorado.


Give us time to do some things you do not have time for. Covers for cushions were on my list of doing.


Being in the open ocean with only the sea, waves passing under Vagabund and the wind in the G2 slowly pushing us forward at an average speed of 6,5 knots. A feeling of freedom with only you and nature. It is a feeling you can only described to another sailor.

Close to sunset we round the corner of Grand Turk.


Anchored off the lee of Grand Turk with the radio tower in front of us. Have to set the anchor twice to get a proper anchor set. Feeling thankful and blessed!!

Facts of Turks & Caicos:


“The British territory of Turks and Caicos consists of about 40 low-lying cays and islands south-east of the Bahamas and on the direct cruising route between the Bahamas and Hispaniola (Dominican republic). Not all islands are inhabited with most inhabitants living on the principal island, Grand Turk.

The largest islands (from west to east) being West Caicos, Providenciales (generally known as Provo), North, Middle and East Caicos, and Grand Turk. The Columbus Passage separates the Turks from Caicos. Grace Bay, on the north side of Providenciales, is held to be one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world.

The capital city, Cockburn Town, is situated on Grand Turk, which is also a port of call for cruise liners. The most developed island is Providenciales, which now has the largest population and excellent shopping facilites.

The clear unpolluted waters surrouding the islands have made Turks and Caicos a favourite diving destination, with fully qualified dive companies operating from several bases, mostly on Providenciales. The reef surrounding the islands is reputed to be one of the best in the world, bettered only by the Great Barrier Reef and the Belize Reef. Underwater scenery of rare beauty and also the possibility of diving on some historic wrecks.”

Friday 27th February 2015 to 4th March 2015

On Friday we went to customs. Between the South Pier and a wreck we anchored in deep sand.  A barracuda was patrolling under Vagabund.


After a beach launch with our dinghy we did the formalities at customs. A taxi ride into town took us along a road filled with buildings out of the previous century.


Late the afternoon our G2 make it a short sail to South Caicos, anchored inside the harbour at the West side in a nice sand spot between coral 50 meters in front and at the back.


We stayed for three nights. Kayaking Saturday morning in 24knots of wind to go snorkeling. Beautiful corals with coloured reef fishes. Parrotfishes were darting around. Barequadas were patrolling the area like soldiers.


 Brunch to fill our stomachs after all the exercise. Our bench is a gym in the morning.

Our neighbors on a catamaran Del Max spend the evening on Vagabund. A couple from Israel with their three kids: Oren, Dyra, Mika, Gur and Arbel.

Sunday afternoon Zack spend up the mast, trying to get our forward looking camera to focus properly and integrate with the Raymarine Plotter.

Our last sunset in Cockburn Harbour in South Caicos.


Monday the 2nd of March we sailed Caicos Bank. It was 50nm mostly in less than 3 meter of water. Dodging the odd bommies. It was turquis blue all around you.  A dark spot in the water was either a grass patch or a bommie. We lead and Del Max was following on our tail. It was still early and we decided to sail through to Tikki huts.


Picking up a mooring ball at Tiki Huts  on the Western side of Providenciaies in the vicinity where it is said Columbus had anchored in 1492.


Tuesday 2nd February

Vagabund was on a mooring ball close to the edge of the ridge. Fishes swimming under her.


You could see the difference in colour. Deep turquois changing to a deep blue.


With excitement we were putting on our diving gear.


Diving on the edge!! Amazing picking up a mooring ball in 12 meters of water and when you dive from the boat you swim less than 30 meters to reach the drop off. On the one end the wall and looking down till you could see nothing but only blue, blue blue….Swimming at 20-24 meter depth along the wall. Coral and caves and coral fishes of all different species swimming around.

Diving a vertical wall was a new experience for us. Back at Vagabund we had to sit a time out before the next dive. The luxury of warm tea, fruit salad and water. Using the time to refill the cylinders. Move Vagabund to another mooring to do a second dive on another part of the ledge. It was awesome to see how God had created a garden in the sea with perfect harmony between water, light, coral and fish.


After the second dive we set sail to Sapodela.

Wednesday 4th March 2015.

After tying the dingie to a dock we walked over a hill to customs to cleared out.


Again we set sail to the North West of Pravo. Picking up a mooring furthest on the coast. Upon snorkeling we found the remains of a large metal cage of a show called Pago Pago (French show filmed less than a dozen episodes).

Planned to sail to Mayoguana the next day.