Vagabund Log

Bahamas 2017: Highborne

Bahamas: Highborne Cay (Exumas)

18th April 2017

After a perfect day in the ocean we safely anchored at Highborne Cay.  Sailing with our asymmetrical spinnaker, a dorado on the hook and dolphins playing in front of the bow. It was as perfect as it could be.


With the wind and waves on our stern we could use our asymmetrical spinnaker  for most of our trip from Little San Salvador to Highborne Cay. The trip of 51nm was done under 8 hours and enable us to pass through the cut on slack tide.

I know what we are going to have for dinner!!


It is always an amazing site to see dolphins playing in front of the bow.


Shortly after anchoring we dingied over to Leaf Cay to see the iguanas.


Rock iguanas are large lizards, Bahamian iguanas are usually some shade of brown. Most are two and a half to three feet long. Rock iguanas thrive in dry areas where there are sandy patches for breeding and limestone that provides the Rock iguana with holes to retreat in and shade to regulate body temperature. Rock iguanas can live for up to forty years! The serrated ridge along the spine of the Rock iguana radiates excess heat from the iguana’s body. Young iguanas eat mostly plants and insects, later in life, they become almost complete herbivores (plant eaters).”