Vagabund Log

Florida (Flying out)

Florida (Flying out)

17th March to 27th March 2015

Georgetown International airport is where we depart to Ford Lauderdale. From a small island in the Bahamas to a big city in Florida. Looking forward to see Zandia and André with our grandchild Zandré.


Zandia was invited to be speaking at New Life Church woman's conference in Myrtle Beach, USA (19-21 March). The theme was SATURATE. She spoke of an awareness of God’s LOVE and eternal intimacy with Him.


Although it was spring in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a cold front bring the temperature down to a chilly 10 C. Enjoying the time together.

Flying back to warmer Fort Lauderdale where we will meet up again with André, Zandia and Zandré to spend a few extra days.


Shopping in Florida.  Big sales on all types of clothes. Zack was thrilled with his Polo shirts.


Zack trying to help the fisherman that is also been caught by fishing. Zack will most probably top the scale. We already have an extra bag flying back to the Bahamas and are going strong


The hall of fame of fishing. Walking through the different halls, learning about all the masters of fishing.


Enjoy the feel of an American V8. Renting it for a few days.  Always thought a Cadelac was a long pink car


The Wednesday afternoon Zandré belonged to us.We took him with to the local grocery store. Afterwards taking a walk at the PGA golf course and surroundings.


Our last afternoon in Florida we spend at the boardwalk.Going to miss them.


Custard milkshake.Sharing is caring.


André, Zandia and Zandré were flying to New York where André was doing his last sermon before returning to South Africa.