Vagabund Log

Bahamas 2017: Acklins

Bahamas: Acklins Island

20th February to 22nd February 2017


After a night sail we arrived Monday morning at the bight of Acklins., Windsor point of Long Cay


A dolphin welcomes us when anchoring in the lee of Long Cay. We anchored Northeast of Windsor Point, close to shore and to Albert Town jetty.


With the kayak we were able to get close to a flock of flamingos on the beach east of the jetty on the bight side of Long Cay.


The shrimp give them their vivid pink colour.


With our dinghy fastened at the jetty we walked over the hill to Albert Town. Albert Town has now only 9 inhabitants and we had met five of them


More prosperous over a century ago the town boasted over 2000 inhabitants. It benefited as a coaling station for ships passing by and from the excellent fishing, conching in the surrounded waters as well as extensive salt pans.


The settlement today has many ruins.


The crumbling, partly renovated structure of the largest church in the Bahamas south of Nassau.


The one side that is not renovated


Upon our return at the jetty the fisherman arrived back. We bought six lobsters for 30 USD and got one for free. Six lobster tails were frozen and Zack eat and eat and eat…..